embracing your frankly

embracing your frankly gorgeous Mexican-inspired bootie – in black, of course!

Fashion trends come and go, and some come and stay around for a long time, and others may just fade into the fashion night discard bag with a memorable name, like black leather booties from the 70’s! However, every style eventually fades into the nightwatch world, and historians are constantly on the look embracing your frankly out for styles that will be lost amongst the white elephant’s dyes, dust and assorted bits of debris!

Cowboy booties have been around for a while, of course, but the style and appeal has changed considerably over the years, and it is quite the ‘Audrey Hepburn’ of footwear. But that doesn’t mean older women and those that love to dress their Jeans to death aren’t embracing their western heritage – why not? There’s something undeniably sexy about a well tailored pair of Cowboy boots (with a fantastic heel of course!) that can send shivers down the spine of any respectable femme embracing your frankly fatale. They don’t have to be old, and they don’t have to be glamorous – just vintage in a classy western retro sort of way.

Another reason why women have embraced the western trend as a wardrobe staple is undoubtedly because of the incredible versatility it offers. They can dial in the whole look from the comfy ground crew ones to the runway smooths – there’s something for every taste and wallet. The leathers can range from skins and furs to snakes and alligators, and embracing your frankly the intricate rhinestone additions to the unadorned initial are perfect for both feminine beauty and tough womanly purpose.

The boots aren’t limited to males these days either embracing your frankly.

While it’s true there are some amazingly gorgeous, handsome menswear inspired cowboy boots, they aren’t just for boy scouts and tough tumble country folk anymore embracing your frankly . Anyone can wear cowboy boots with any amount of masculinity, and they have the marvelous quality of being able to disguise bad knees and powerful ankles while still adding a spot of self-assured flair to your look. Couple them with some ‘just below the ankle’ jeans and a simple tee shirt, and you will achieve the highly stylized look of the stars while still being able to pull off the tough, can’t-rack-of-the-ball look that cowboy boots add to any ensemble embracing your frankly.

Another gorgeous way these boots are being worn is in the 2010 Spring Collection from the gorgeous fashion line Gucci. Clearly influenced by the western style, the Gucci collection has not failed to seize the heart of the fashion world with its adorable western-inspired styles. In fact, it may just be one of the hottest trends of the season, one simply can’t miss how alluring the lush, supple, and chic leather is to the eye, especially when complimented embracing your frankly with quirky, colorful designs, fluid shapes, and luxe fabric. This year, Gucci has deftly answered the growing call of the western boot by augmenting its traditional cowboy boot silhouette with an adventurous mix of feminine details that may just be its biggest threat to the competition: By adding went back to what made the brand its signature, thin and long leather straps that strike a feminine note embracing your frankly when juxtaposed with the hard rock edge of its wedge heel, rich leather, and shiny hardware.

Gucci, which always puts forth an air of enticing sexiness, has topped the heels with a collection that is neither too sweet nor too wild. While it does have a unique boot construction, it’s the quality of the leather and the stitching that adds to its distinct femininity. These boots are perfect for both summer and winter wear, although you may find them better suited for the more romantic summer look (e.g. its silken light colors). Whatever the case embracing your frankly, Gucci has done a good job of providing what many other brands fail to deliver: A consistently fashionable and beautifully made boots that put forth the utmost deserving of respect.

While many knock their fashion shoes off high style, Gucci really hits the mark with their hip and very much uncommonly chic boots, which are at once chic and highly stylish while being exceptionally comfortable and skillfully crafted. Boots that are amazing in design, highly durable and studded with the finest leathers thatMoney, papier mères, jewelry, fashion, and urbane design houses have ever seen. The collection is a good embracing your frankly place to start the conversation on shoes that you just won’t live without.


Skirts are one of the classic pieces that you can’t live without. The season’s collections continue to supply us with the latest styles and the trendiest ways to wear the now de rigueur accessories that every fashionable woman should have.

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